Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nizhalum Nilaavum Parayunnath

izhalum Nilaavum Parayunnath (Shades of Life)

Telecinema/ Malayalam / 60 min

Inspired from a short story by renowned writer Rajalekshmi, the film follows the trauma of a woman, who is torn between her unfulfilled instinct for love and her commitment towards her family. Life becomes a trial for the protagonist of the film as she tries to find her love in a colleague of hers and realises that she is distancing herself from the family. She is completely lost as she could not find support from her son, who is in a boarding school.


  1. without any DOUBT, i can say that this tele cinema is gonna rock. All The Best Reji. :-)

  2. the one-line does look impressive. good luck, reji. eagerly awaiting the film to be screened.