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Nizhalum Nilaavum Parayunnath

izhalum Nilaavum Parayunnath (Shades of Life)

Telecinema/ Malayalam / 60 min

Inspired from a short story by renowned writer Rajalekshmi, the film follows the trauma of a woman, who is torn between her unfulfilled instinct for love and her commitment towards her family. Life becomes a trial for the protagonist of the film as she tries to find her love in a colleague of hers and realises that she is distancing herself from the family. She is completely lost as she could not find support from her son, who is in a boarding school.

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Nizhalum Nilavum Parayunnadhu (Shadows of Life) :

ATV 'Movies for televison' innale ithayirunnu. Very Happy Enikku ithinte 3 karyangalanu eduthu parayanullathu-1.Casting ,2.Cinematography & 3.Way of story telling. Razz

1.Very apt casting ennu veneggil parayam,main character role cheitha actress (donno name) Embarassed character name is Anupama,adyayittanu njanivare kanunnathu-vow...hw beautifully she has portrayed the role & excellent portion was Bhaghyalakshmi's dubbing as well as hero role cheitha actor (character name Anand) brilliantly done the role. Very Happy Anupamayude monte role cheitha kuttiyum nannayirunnu.

2.Camera work parayathirikkan pattilla...endhu rasayittanu oro shot-um eduthirikunnadhu. Razz Ee short filmil 7/10 najn cinematography-kku kodukkum.Athra wonderful ayirunnu.Innu kanunna movies-l polum ithra manoharamaya oru camera work kanan pattilla... Very Happy

3.Pinne eduthu parayenda part, way of telling story/way of presentation.Normal plot aneggil polum athu paranja way thanneyanu 'Shadows of life'nte main highlighted part. Smile

Totally treat 4 eyes ennu parayan sadhikkum. Razz Razz

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